Snow for Christmas is in the forecast for most of Canada this year

Christmas Forecast: Santa’s Packing Snow for Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, but not Vancouver
Laura Shantora Nelles, TWC
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 12: Another snow storm hits the GTA, with pedestrians, commuters and cyclists struggling to get around the city, on King Street East in Toronto, March 12, 2014. (Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
(Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

With Winter Storm Dylan roaring in across the Great Lakes, there’s going to be a cornucopia of precipitation coming in through Central Canada and into the Maritimes.


The weekend is shaping up to be fairly reasonable in Toronto, with snow possible on Saturday, tapering off through the end of the day with some wind. For Christmas Eve, Santa might pack a little flurry on his sleigh, with this lingering through the morning. The temperature is set to drop on Monday with strong winds, so break out the hats and mittens.

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Winter Storm Dylan is coming through on Friday and bringing some snow, looking like 10-15 cm, which may linger through Saturday, tapering off, and then another possible bit of snow for Christmas Day before the temperature drops.

(Weather Channel Canada)


Snow is likely on Saturday as Storm Dylan rolls through. Montreal and Quebec City are expected to see 20 cm of snow through Saturday, with the possibility of more on Sunday for Christmas Eve. Sunday will be generally cloudy with increasing cloud later in the day. Monday could see some snow, as well, for Christmas Day, and then the mercury will drop heading into Boxing Day.


A whole mixed bag is headed for the East Coast on Saturday, with everything from snow, to sleet, to freezing rain and rain spreading from Nova Scotia into New Brunswick. For Christmas Eve, lingering snow or rain in Newfoundland will taper off. Breezy and colder temps in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will cool things off. Another bout of snow is possible for Christmas Day, and could be heavy at times, as well as windy.

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Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg you’ll get sunshine through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Going to be very cold, though.


Calgary, you’ve got a possible flurry headed your way on Saturday, otherwise things should be partly sunny and breezy. The clouds will roll in for Christmas Eve, and the temperature will drop. Christmas Day could also see a flurry, otherwise it’s looking cloudy and cold for Monday.

Edmonton, there could also be some flurries on Saturday, while Sunday and Monday are looking cloudy and cold for you Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Heading into the weekend, there’s chilly temps and increasing clouds for Saturday. Christmas Eve could see some rain or freezing rain, though it will taper off into Christmas Day. Monday will be partly cloudy and still a bit chilly.

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