Trudeau’s daily coronavirus update: ‘When Canadians work together, we get things done’ (Full transcript)

In his daily briefing for April 10, the PM delivered an Easter message and announced Parliament’s return tomorrow to pass new economic measures

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Trudeau addresses Canadians on the COVID-19 pandemic from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa on April 8, 2020 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a daily update on the coronavirus crisis each day in front of his home in Ottawa. Here are his remarks for April 10, 2020.

Bonjour tout le monde.

I know the long weekend coming is very important for many Canadians, whether you mark Good Friday or Passover, Easter, Tamil New Year or Vaisakhi. Usually this is a time we spend together. You might go to church or to temple or to volunteer. Last year, when I served a community lunch in Hamilton, I saw just how much people come together over these next few days. But right now, this weekend is going to be very different. You’ll have to stay home. You’ll have to Skype that big family dinner. And the Easter egg hunt, well, it’ll have to happen around the house instead of around the neighbourhood.

I want to take a moment on that to have a word with kids out there. The Easter Bunny has a big job to do this year, and maybe there’s something you can do to help. Ask your parents to let you put up a picture in the window to bring some extra chocolate for nurses and doctors. They need a lot of energy to keep us all safe, and this is how you can help them to do their job.

[speaking in French] Regardless of our age, we all have a role to play to counter coronavirus. Earlier this week, I mentioned that Health Canada had launched an appeal for volunteers to help the front-line workers. Over 27,000 people have registered to help so that they can have some respite. Throughout the country, many people are doing their share and I would like to thank everyone. You’re there for each other, and I know that together, we will go through this hard time.

These are tough times, and you don’t have to go through them alone. If you’ve lost your job and are having troubles making ends meet, you can apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Millions of people have already had their claim processed and they’re getting their $2,000 deposit. Remember, you can apply today or this weekend if you haven’t done so yet by going to, or calling 1-800-959-2041. If you own a small business and are struggling to pay the bills or pay your staff, we launched the Canada Emergency Business Account yesterday. You can now get a $40,000 interest-free loan through your bank or credit union. And if you repay it within two years, 25 per cent, up to $10,000 of that loan is forgivable. It will only take a few days for you to receive the full amount in your account. That’s money you can use for whatever you need, whether it is monthly expenses or paying employees.

On that note, we’re getting closer to implementing the wage subsidy, too. We’re working with other parties to get this in place as quickly as possible. Tomorrow, we’re bringing back the House of Commons to pass the largest economic measures Canada has seen since WWII. It’s really important, despite a time of crisis—in fact, because of a time of crisis—that our institutions remain strong, and our democratic principles continue.

Therefore, this address to Canadians tomorrow will be a little later. And from the floor of the House of Commons and on that note, I’ll be taking Sunday and Monday with Sophie and the kids, but I’ll be back Tuesday with more updates on how we’re helping you.

If you just feel overwhelmed, we’ll soon have more to say about how you can access resources that can help. If you’re in crisis. Reach out, lean on each other and know that we will get through this together.

All across the country, there are stories of people stepping up to do their part to ensure that Canadians are safe and our frontline workers have the support they need, we’re helping companies join in the effort. Look no further than Fluid Energy from Alberta. They will produce over a million litres of hand sanitizer each month with shipments starting as early as next week.

We’ve invested in this large scale production as part of our plan to have enough vital supplies produced right here at home. When Canadians work together, we get things done.

[transcribed from French] Last night I again had a discussion with the deputy prime minister and the premiers of the provinces and territories. Right from the beginning. We saw a lot of people join Team Canada, including the premiers. We are all on the same wavelength and we are all working together to ensure your safety.

Over the long weekend, we will all have to remain at home. We cannot tap people over for dinner. And we will have to be creative in organizing an egg hunt and staying inside. But not just because we’re separated physically doesn’t mean we can’t lean on each other. You can organize a dinner on FaceTime. And if you can make a donation to an organization during the Easter weekend, this will be different than usual. But I know it will be filled with joy, laughter and love.

Thank you, everyone.