Who loves hockey more than the queen?

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Atlantic Canada: Asked to rate their level of pride in a number of Canadian institutions and features, Atlantic Canadians picked the flag, with 93 per cent saying it makes them moderately to very proud. The Canadian Forces (82 per cent) and hockey (79) followed close behind. The monarchy finished last, with 40 per cent saying it makes them moderately to very proud.

Quebecers seem to think their debt levels are just about right—14.9 per cent believe their personal debt will increase in the next six months, compared to the national average of 20.7 per cent. But only 29.2 per cent believe their personal debt will decrease, the lowest percentage in the country.

Ontario: People from Ontario don’t like to admit it. Only three per cent introduce themselves as being from Ontario to someone they’ve not met before. Or maybe they’re just more patriotic, since 97 per cent of them introduce themselves as Canadians first (compared to 72 per cent for the nation as a whole, and a mere 32 per cent for Quebecers).

Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Parents in these two provinces are most likely to send their children away for at least part of the summer, with 61 per cent planning to pack them off to a relative’s house.

Alberta: Does this mean a fall election? Just over 50 per cent of Canadians think the federal government is headed in the right direction. The number is highest in Alberta, at 60.7 per cent.

British Columbia: Seventy per cent of B.C. residents plan to cut back on restaurant meals, snack foods and live sporting events now that the 12 per cent HST is in effect. And more than half said they plan to do more shopping in Washington state now that B.C. residents can apply for a sales-tax exemption there.

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