Who’s suing whom

Our semi-regular roundup of the oddball lawsuits winding their way through the nation’s court system

P.E.I: A woman is suing a Charlottetown hotel for $100,000 after she fell victim to the danger that every pool operator is at pains to point out: the poolside is slippery when wet. The woman alleges she slipped and fell on the wet pool deck after walking down a carpeted staircase. She claims that injuries to her left foot have forced her to overuse her right foot, leading to knee and back injuries.

Quebec: The family of a Montreal man crushed to death in a parking garage three years ago is suing the owner of the building. The man, 36, was killed when he suffocated under a massive chunk of concrete that broke off the ceiling. His family contends the building’s owner neglected obvious signs of disrepair: cracks, falling concrete fragments, and corrosion caused by de-icing salt.

Ontario: Three migrant workers from Mexico are suing an Ontario company and the federal government, claiming they were kicked off the job and sent packing for no apparent reason. They were hired to work on a family-owned strawberry farm in Vineland, Ont., through the federal migrant worker program. They’re each seeking $50,000 for breach of contract, and claim their Charter right to a fair hearing was breached.

Alberta: The City of Lethbridge is suing a 43-year-old man for $45,000 in damages after he shot a photo radar box that caught him driving over the speed limit. Of the three shots he fired, one narrowly missed a little boy sitting in a passing truck. The man was recently sentenced to three years in jail.

British Columbia: A woman is suing Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital after a stroke she suffered on the operating table gave her cognitive impairment and physical disabilities. She contends that the negligence of doctors and nurses performing her open-heart surgery allowed an embolism to travel to her brain, triggering the stroke. Her ability to enjoy life, she claims, has been reduced.

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