Who’s suing whom

Our semi-regular round-up of the strange cases winding their way through Canadian courts

British Columbia: A former foster mom is suing the B.C. government for neglecting to inform her that a teenage girl she took in had hepatitis C. On her first night in the house, the girl had a heroin overdose. The foster mom, who rushed downstairs when she heard thrashing and screaming, pulled out a needle from her arm; somehow, it became stuck in her leg. Months later, she learned she had contracted hepatitis C.

Alberta: Calgarians living near a Lilydale chicken processing plant are suing the company for $250,000, claiming the plant is unbearably noisy and smelly. Pigeons, they say, routinely pick through improperly discarded chicken entrails, dropping dismembered feet throughout the neighbourhood.

Manitoba: A Winnipeg police officer is suing two members of his own force, saying they botched an investigation that led to his being wrongfully convicted of assault and stripped of his badge. A police investigation found him guilty of breaking a woman’s arm during an arrest in 2007. As a result, he claims to have suffered depression. Shortly afterwards, however, the officer was exonerated.

Ontario: The province’s Marineland amusement park is weighing its legal options after a custody battle over a killer whale named Ikaika. The 1,815-kg whale was on loan from Florida’s SeaWorld in return for four belugas. When the time came to return Ikaika, Marineland refused. A St. Catharines judge has ruled that Ikaika belongs at SeaWorld, and must be returned.

Nova Scotia: A Halifax woman is suing Wal-Mart after she was caught, unaware, in the middle of an attempted robbery. A shoplifter—and the security guard in pursuit of him—bumped into her as he ran past. She was hit so hard by the security guard, she claims that she spun around and collapsed, unconscious, on the floor. The woman is claiming general, special and punitive damages.

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