Who’s suing whom

A runaway food cart and too many moose

Forty people injured in auto collisions with moose have signed on to a class-action lawsuit against the provincial government, claiming it is its responsibility to halve the moose population of Newfoundland. There are 125,000 moose in Newfoundland: one moose for every four citizens, which the plaintiffs’ lawyer claims “exceeds ecological standards by five to 10 times.” In response, the government stated that it is “confident in its moose management strategies and highway maintenance programs.”

Prince Edward Island:
A veterinarian is suing the University of Prince Edward Island for $250,000, claiming the school forced him into retirement. He had worked at the school since 1996 on a renewable contract basis, and in December 2009, he alleges, the school denied him two positions he had applied for in favour of younger candidates.

A career criminal sentenced to 23 years in prison is suing the federal government, alleging that he was placed in solitary confinement for more than three years and denied family visits, leisure activities and rehabilitation programs. Convicted of bank robbery and attempted murder in 1994—he shot three police officers in Port Perry during his getaway—the Kingston man has a total of 160 criminal convictions dating back to 1968, and has escaped from three different prisons during that time.

An Edmonton woman is suing a clothing store after she walked into a sliding glass door, claiming she suffered severe injuries after being knocked to the floor. She argues that the door should not have been closed when the lights were on and customers were still being served.

British Columbia:
A Coquitlam woman is suing Air Transat after an unsecured food cart allegedly came rushing toward her seat as her plane was landing in Cancun, Mexico. She says she suffered a number of injuries, including neck and back pain.

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