Chilean miners vs. BP

Who captured your imagination in 2010?

The Chilean miners

The now-infamous Chilean miners spent 69 days trapped underground in the collapsed San José mine in Chile’s Atacama desert. Their rescue was watched by as many as one billion people and transformed several of the miners into global celebrities. Brad Pitt’s production company is reportedly trying to secure exclusive film rights to their story. One of the miners, Edison Peña, says his time underground has made him more human. “I think I’m loving everybody more,” he told the BBC. “I believe in touching people. I think I love myself more.”


Former CEO Tony Hayward—the man tasked with explaining the world’s largest-ever oil spill—climbed to the top of oil giant BP as a reformer who stated, after a 2005 refinery explosion, that his company’s leadership “doesn’t listen sufficiently well.” But after the Deepwater Horizon spill, Hayward, 53, didn’t seem to have absorbed his own lessons. He told reporters he “wanted his life back,” refused to answer queries from congressmen, and attended a yacht race while one of the worst environmental catastrophes on record slowly unfolded.

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