Conservative politicians fill up their gas-guzzlers

A photo-op in protest of the federal carbon tax reveals that fuel-efficiency is not a top concern for these defiant politicians

The federal carbon tax came into effect today for four Canadian provinces. The day before the Liberals’ tax on fossil fuels became a reality, Conservative politicians in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick had what appears to be a coordinated PR field day. Andrew Scheer, Caroline Mulroney, Vic Fideli and others had photo ops at gas stations as they filled up their vehicles as a last hurrah of sorts before the several-cents-per-litre price hike. Some even participated with a crucial element missing… Where’s your car, Natalia Kusendova?

While their ‘looking off into the distance’ poses are presumably meant to look defiant and impressive, they don’t distract from the fact that basically all of the Conservative politicians appear to be filling up big, less than fuel efficient SUVs, minivans and pick-up trucks. (They also don’t mention that the Liberal plan includes a rebate that will give back hundreds of dollars per household to offset the cost of the tax.)  Have a look for yourself: