Rift among Conservatives deepens as vote on Senate suspensions looms

OTTAWA – The rift in Conservative ranks has deepened over the proposed suspensions of three of their former Senate colleagues.

Sen. John Wallace has joined those Conservatives speaking out publicly against the plan to suspend senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau without pay.

Wallace is opposed to the government’s bid to impose the same penalty on all three for allegedly claiming improper living and travel expenses, regardless of the different facts and circumstances surrounding each case.

He’s also opposed to the government’s bid to shut down debate on the proposed suspensions by the end of today, with a final vote to follow on Tuesday.

Wallace says there can be “no short cuts” to achieving a fair and just decision on such a serious matter, which will strip the trio of their livelihoods, ruin their reputations and likely make it impossible to ever get another job.

Wallace joins Tory senators Hugh Segal and Don Plett and a number of Conservative MPs in speaking out against the suspension motions.

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