Winnipeg bar owner to bring busload of support to Steinbach pride

Allen Morrison is organizing a bus trip to support marchers in a gay pride parade this weekend

WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg nightclub owner is organizing a bus trip to support marchers in a gay pride parade this weekend in the heart of what’s referred to as Manitoba’s Bible Belt.

Allen Morrison of Club 200 says showing up in Steinbach on Saturday is also about sending a message to politicians.

He says people are entitled to their beliefs and opinions, but anyone in office has a responsibility to represent everyone.

It’s the first pride parade in a city with a long small-c conservative history and strong Mennonite presence.

Both the MP and the member of the legislature for the area have said they won’t be attending.

Morrison said members of the LGBTQ community shouldn’t be ignored.

“There’s a lot of gay people out there. We vote and we matter,” he said. “The loudest voice in the crowd might not necessarily represent everybody’s view, or the majority’s view. It’s important we get out there and show them there are people and bodies and votes out there.”

It’s important that participants in the march know others will stand with them, Morrison added.

“We want to support the gay and lesbian community in Steinbach, and show them that they are not out there alone, trying to make this difference on their own. Show them some support and love and stand up with them.”

About 40 people have reserved seats to travel on Morrison’s bus to Steinbach.

Manitoba RCMP confirmed last week that the pride march is to go ahead and that officers will ensure a safe event.

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