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It’s a question whether, below the desk, news anchors wear pants

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News anchors are known for their clean-cut looks, usually capped off with a blazer. But it’s a long-held question whether, below the desk, they wear pants. “Remarkably this is a question I’ve been asked many, many times over the years,” Don Ward, an anchor for Colorado’s KKTV, writes on his blog. “The joke being that maybe we all sit at the desk with nothing but underwear under there.”

Last week, a newsreader on the program 24UR in Slovenia revealed his own preference. In a clip that became a YouTube sensation, he finishes reading the news, taps his papers on the desk, and turns to chat with a colleague—only to reveal he’s wearing boxer shorts with his suit jacket. (Ward writes: “There was a time, a glorious time, when the lower half could bask in the comfort of something more casual,” like jeans or shorts.

Ever since anchors started walking or standing as they delivered the news, though, all that generally changed.)
The Slovenian anchorman wasn’t the only journalist to recently make news. Norwegian radio journalist Pia Beathe Pedersen quit on-air from her job at NRK, where she’d been for 18 months, accusing her bosses of being too demanding. She capped off her rant by saying there wasn’t any news to report because “nothing important has happened” anyway. No word on her choice of attire.

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