Curiosity rolls into second year of mission on Mars

Some numbers on the assignment to date


(NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona)

One year into Curiosity’s mission to Mars, NASA has released some numbers on its rover.

A sample of what it’s been up to since arriving at Bradbury Landing on a two-year hunt for signs that the red planet once hosted life—or any indication that life could, one day, survive there:

1.6: Number of kilometres the Curiousity has travelled.

190: The number of gigabits of data collected.

36,700: The number of full images.

75,000: Number of laser shots fired to check on composition of objects.

2: Number of rocks sampled and analysed.

NASA will celebrate the one-year milestone on Tuesday. It has also celebrated the mission so far in video:

From Day 1, NASA has shared mission highlights via @MarsCuriosity on Twitter. Here’s an excerpt of a feed from earlier this year:

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