Around the World: a Swedish armpit goes viral

Plus, a cow attack in France and an Italian man sues his wife’s lover

Sweden: Maybe it’s because of those long, dark winters, but a brief glimpse of a woman’s hairy armpit during a live TV song festival broadcast went viral. The picture, posted on Facebook by someone who took a screenshot, garnered thousands of “likes,” with hundreds of others sharing the image. The woman in question, a librarian from central Sweden named Ehrin, was nonplussed. “This is absurd,” she said. “There are wars going on, yet crazy people are commenting on this.”

Germany: A small zoo in the state of Saxony thought it could capitalize on the birth of a rare, earless rabbit and called in the media. Unfortunately, a cameraman took a wrong step and fatally crushed the 17-day-old bunny. “It was a direct hit,” the distraught zoo director said.

Italy: What to do if your wife is having an affair? One Italian man decided to sue his spouse’s lover. The plaintiff, a military officer, is demanding “moral damages” of $270,000 plus another $540,000 for his two children, claiming the affair has caused “obsessive behaviour” in his wife “that led her to ruin the life of the family and to avoid her conjugal obligations.”

France: A turf war broke out when a farmer and his wife were showing a retired neighbour around their fields. One of the farmer’s cows attacked them, wounding its owner and sending all three to hospital. Police are investigating the mad bovine outbreak.

Britain: Don’t mention the war. In a case reminiscent of the famous Fawlty Towers episode, a 54-year-old math teacher has been found guilty of harassing his German neighbours by loudly playing Vera Lynn’s White Cliffs of Dover, broadcasting a Winston Churchill speech, and performing a Nazi salute. Apparently the neighbours fell out over the failed transfer of a six-foot piece of land, the Telegraph reports. The teacher claimed that during one altercation his German neighbour called him a “big head.” He got a conditional sentence and avoided jail time after his neighbours said they didn’t want vengeance.