Paul Wells and Colby Cosh took your questions on Alberta’s election

Here are Wells and Cosh answering readers’ questions about Alberta’s election on May 5, where so much is in the air

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Twelve times in a row, Albertans have elected the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta. Polls predicted the streak would end in 2012, but then-premier Alison Redford won pretty big and beat the supposed favourites, the Wildrose, with a reduced majority. Pollsters looked embarrassed and the status quo prevailed. That was three long years ago.

Now the province again heads to the polls as Premier Jim Prentice, the author of a budget that hiked all manner of fees and taxes—and killed Alberta’s flat tax—seeks a mandate for what appear to be unpopular measures. Prentice, struggling somewhat on the campaign trail, is stuck fighting spunky opponents on both the left and the right. The Wildrose, thought to be decimated when former leader Danielle Smith quit the party and endorsed Prentice’s leadership, are leading some polls. Alberta’s NDP, which has won only a handful of seats for a generation’s worth of elections, leads others.

Polls can be awfully wrong, but, hey, it’s been 44 years. Every giant falls.

Colby Cosh and Paul Wells talked shop about Alberta’s trip to the polls. They took your questions, too, which you asked until you were out of breath. Check out the recap below.