Nanaimo–Ladysmith by-election 2019: Live results

The Greens toppled the NDP in the last by-election before this fall’s general election, and will send a second MP to Ottawa

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The voters of Nanaimo-Ladysmith, a B.C. riding just over an hour’s drive north from Victoria,  cast their ballots in the last by-election before the federal election this fall, and elected Paul Manly of the Green party as their new MP. Manly will join party leader Elizabeth May in Ottawa, becoming the second Green member in Parliament.

Manly won 37.3 per cent of the vote, with the Conservative candidate a distant second, with 24.8 per cent. The NDP, which previously held the seat, came third.

Maclean’s writers have had their eyes on Greens for several months. In January, Jason Markusoff wrote about the party’s glimmers of electoral success in more and more provinces across Canada. Anne Kingston wrote just a few days ago about the Greens’ broadening appeal in a polarized political landscape.

Polls in Nanaimo-Ladysmith closed at 8:30 pm PT, May 7, 2019.