A brief ITQ interlude: "Now for my favorite part of the show ..."

“What does that say? Talk to the audience! Ugh, this is always death…”

Present company excepted, of course. Honestly, you’ve no idea how I brag about our commenters here at All my colleagues with blogs – blollegues? – are pea green with envy over the fact that actual conversation breaks out, instead of just partisan autobots sloganeering at each other about CONservatives and LIEberals. (Is there an internet-official derisive term for the NDP? I’ve always thought of Dippers as an affectionate nickname.)

Anyway, posting will be lighter than usual here today for two reasons: I’m in the midst of writing a slightly longish thing on the Conservative war room — yes, again, but I promise it won’t just involve line after line of HAHAHAHAHA RYAN SPARROW, no matter how deserved — and yesterday, I managed to lose a contact lens down the sink, which has seriously hampered my ability to type, what with the temporary loss of depth perception and all.

In the meantime, feel free to use this as an openish thread, or head Wellsward to talk polls, or head over to Andrew Potter’s Cat and Pigeons Show to argue about his unified theory of right-wing jerkiness, or try to console Andrew Coyne over having his fiscally conservative heart broken once again by an off-the-cuff prime ministerial utterance. I’ll be back later.

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