Ahead of his time

I’m going to encourage you to read Aaron’s post about the ridicule that was heaped on Jack Layton’s head when he suggested negotiating with the Taliban. That was, of course, the subject of today’s summit meeting in London. Also of course, a large number of Taliban will not be worth talking to because they will be incorrigible. Others who currently traffic under that loose title will be more amenable. But Layton was saying no different in 2006, and nobody should be surprised that Peter MacKay, among others, turned out to know a lot less than the guy he was mocking. This is a bit of a recurring theme in that minister’s career. Of course the people whose quotes Aaron compiles will either ignore this turn of events, or set about Jesuitically parsing their earlier statements to explain why they don’t look silly today. No matter. Kudos to the NDP leader.

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