All aboard! Elizabeth May Whistlestop Tour 2008

In just five hours, Green party leader Elizabeth May will leave Vancouver on an old-time whistle-stop train tour to drum up party support.

The five day trip is the first national whistle-stop election tour since Diefenbaker, says May, who refuses to fly anywhere unless absolutely necessary. (Flying to Vancouver to catch said train, for example = absolutely necessary.)

She says the trip harkens back to the time, before the jet engine, when people were good and politicians, honest. (Er, not then.)

She’ll make a total 91 stops along the way—most, no more than 10 minutes long.

Will May toss straw boaters with patriotic red piping into waiting crowds? Will she stand on prairie train platforms, shaking her fists, pushing the rubes toward her Green message? Will anyone greet us in Waltrous, Saskatchewan at 3 a.m.? Are there showers on the train?

We shall see. For the next three days, Maclean’s will be blogging live from the Green campaign as we chug our way across Canada’s west aboard Elizabeth May’s Whistlestop Tour. Join us!

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