An inconvenient truther …

… goes down:

For Immediate Release
September 26, 2008

Statement from Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion

The Liberal Party’s commitment to tolerance and multiculturalism is paramount.

I have reviewed the past comments of Lesley Hughes and it is clear they do not meet this standard.

While I appreciate her apology, I cannot condone those sentiments in any way.

I have therefore asked Ms. Hughes to step down as the Liberal Party candidate in Kildonan-St. Paul.


Read the article that sparked the furore here, and assorted media coverage here.

It’s worth noting that, as is the case with Julian West, the NDP’s erstwhile candidate in Saanich Gulf Islands, Hughes’ name will remain on the ballot. I wonder if there’s any chance this could result in the NDP scooping up the seat? It wasn’t exactly what you’d call a close race last time, but if now homeless Liberal voters were to wander over to the NDP, the sum of the two parties’ support in the last election would result in a defeat for the Conservative incumbent, Joy Smith.

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