UPDATED: And now for something completely different: Republicans for Voldemort Ignatieff

ITQ suspects that the mischievous minds behind this site were inspired, at least in part, by an adorably subversive memepaign that surfaced during the 2004 election, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

The big question, of course, is who’s responsible. Is it those irrepressible imps at the Little Shop of Tories? Disgruntled lefty Liberals? Non-earnest New Democrats? Post your thoughts in the comments!

Note: Menu navigation seems a mite wonky this morning, probably due to the fact that the main page has been temporarily diverted to a teaser for an upcoming news release that promises “exciting new information” about the Liberal leader.

UPDATE: A little bird — no, not a Sparrow — points out, by email, that R4I “is hosted by of Cocoa Beach, Florida” — which is “the same server that hosts (the anti-coalition website put up by Stephen Taylor last December).”

Intriguing! But ITQ is not yet persuaded that this isn’t a subtle jab from the left, mostly because of the emphasis on Ignatieff’s unabashed love for the Alberta tar sands — “tar sands”, mind you, not “oil sands”; the former being most often used by opponents thereto, and the latter by supporters.

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