And sometimes, the revolving door goes the other way.

Full disclosure: I have no idea what, if anything, the significance is of this latest addition to Team Ignatieff, but it does have a pleasing sort of unpredictability to it, if nothing else.

Ignatieff snags senior PCO bureaucrat as adviser

OTTAWA – Newly minted Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has snagged a senior adviser right out from under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s nose.

Sources confirmed late Tuesday that Kevin Chan, executive assistant and director to top federal bureaucrat Kevin Lynch, has joined Ignatieff’s team.

As clerk of the Privy Council Office, Lynch directly advises the prime minister on policy, administrative and political matters. He is the link between the Prime Minister’s Office and the deputy ministers who run each government department.

As Lynch’s right-hand man, Chan would presumably have had top secret clearance and access to all government confidential plans.

While secrecy oaths will prohibit him from divulging any confidential information in his new role in the Opposition Leader’s Office, he will take with him an in-depth knowledge of the way government works. Of more particular interest to Liberals, he’ll bring an insider’s view of the Harper regime’s style and modus operandi. […]