And yet somehow, it seemed as though the Tories were clapping *at* them, not *with* them.

Just watched the vote on the Bloc subamendment to the Speech from the Throne (because, as previously established on so many occasions I’ve lost count, I have no life), and I couldn’t help but notice the spirited round of applause coming from the Conservatives when the Liberals voted against it. Yes, voted against it – in other words, with the Conservatives – rather than abstain, which wasn’t a surprise because they’ve already said that they’ll support the thing, albeit somewhat grudgingly (and won’t let it cramp their style when it comes to going after the government on its lackadaisical response to the Great Economic Unpleasantness).

The thing that struck me, though — other than the fact that I’m really, really glad that the House is back; I’ve missed it so —  was that for a moment, it looked almost as though they were mocking the Official Opposition, rather than thanking them for showing confidence in the government. Hopefully it was just the accoustics, because I’m really not sure if that would constitute a demonstration of the New Spirit of Sober Non-Partisan Cooperation (henceforth to be known as NSoSNPC(tm)).

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