Ban Ki-moon to visit Ottawa as PM stresses closer ties with UN

The PMO says Justin Trudeau will use the meeting to reaffirm Canada’s commitment to the UN

Peace Tower

OTTAWA — The Prime Minister’s Office says UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will visit Ottawa and Montreal next week.

He and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are scheduled to discuss a number of topics, including climate change and the Syrian refugee crisis.

The PMO says Trudeau will use the meeting to reaffirm Canada’s commitment to the UN and to greater co-operation on the world stage.

The meeting is another step in Trudeau’s effort to reinvigorate Canada’s relationship with the UN.

Since his election, Trudeau has stressed the need to work more closely with the world body in contrast to the approach of the Harper government, which tended to play down the organization and its influence around the globe.

Trudeau and the secretary general will also meet with young Canadians to discuss the importance of building diverse societies to promote peace and broad economic growth.

In a news release, the prime minister said the UN’s work is essential to a peaceful and prosperous world.

“Canada is proud of the part it has played in the UN’s successes, from protecting human rights to peacekeeping,” he said. “I want to restore Canada’s voice and leadership role at the UN.”


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