Because confusion and doubletalk worked so well for Martin and Dion

Toronto Star:

OTTAWA–Arguing that a recession is not the time to cut income taxes, the federal Liberals yesterday served notice on Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he risks defeat if he goes ahead with across-the-board cuts.

Ottawa Citizen:

While Mr. Ignatieff did not directly threaten to defeat the government over the budget, Toronto MP John McCallum, the party’s economic policy critic, told reporters that Mr. Ignatieff has frequently said a Liberal vote against the Jan. 27th budget “is still very much a possibility.”

Mr. McCallum said, however, Liberals want to see the budget before declaring whether they will vote for defeat, a move that would trigger another federal election or a request by the Governor General that the Liberals and New Democratic Party coalition, supported by the Bloc Québécois, be given a chance to govern.

880 News:

Liberal insiders say Michael Ignatieff would prefer more time to rebuild the party and prepare for an election, rather than possibly topple the government next week by refusing to support the budget.

Of course, the statements in every case are so exquisitely couched in maybes and possiblys that none of them can really be held to mean anything. If you’re an Ignatieff fan you’ll argue that makes it all even more clever. Bit of trivia: the Citizen story is filed under “Entertainment,” not national news. Fair enough: I’m entertained.

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