UPDATED: Behold the tyrannanosity of the majority (34.2/26.7/21.4/8.2/9.5))

What a long, strange trip it’s be — hey, wait a second. This looks oddly familiar:

Conservatives: 34.2 (+1.2)

Liberals: 26.7 (+0.7)

NDP: 21.4  (-0.6)

Greens: 8.2 (-0.8)

Bloc Quebecois: 9.5 (-0.5)

Undecided: 17 (-1)

Mix in the last numbers from Harris Decima (34/26/19/9/11) — but don’t forget Strategic Counsel (33/28/18/11/10) which came out last night, but I was too busy with other stuff to post – sorry about that, guys. Finally, check out the latest projections from Democratic Space (128/92/34/52/2) and the Election Prediction Project (125/94/36/51/2) – and once you’ve digested all that, and exhausted your favourite seat projector, be sure to post your picks to the ITQ prediction thread before 9 p.m. EST.

UPDATE: Okay, I couldn’t resist. According to the H&K Seat Projector, the pollsters are predicting the following results:

NANOS: 122/83/52/51/0

HARRIS DECIMA: 129/81/41/56/1

STRATEGIC COUNSEL: 118/103/33/54/0

EKOS: 133/83/38/53/1

Note that the Independent Star Factor (ISF) is not taken into account in these calculations, so feel free to tweak accordingly. (I take one from the Tories and one from the Bloc Quebecois to make up the difference, but that may not be, strictly speaking, scientific.)

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