BREAKING! GiornoWatch Special Edition: Oh, there he is – working his magic with the media, even.

Lifted shamelessly from the comments, in response to Colleague Wells’ challenge – “Fun question: could anyone find Guy Giorno with teams of bloodhounds this week?”:


On Wednesday in Victoria, where Harper made some similarly minor health announcements, tempers flared repeatedly as Conservative campaign staff loudly snapped at journalists over their reporting. Tory partisans also jeered media questions during a news conference with the prime minister.

Guy Giorno, the prime minister’s chief of staff, accused a reporter of accosting him merely for placing a hand on his shoulder to keep Giorno from rocking in and out of a camera sightline.

Oddly, over at CTV, the last paragraph seems to have been removed, although Google News still shows the Giorno reference:

The original version is still available on Yahoo! News Canada.

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