Cabinet connections: How Trudeau’s ministers link together

None of the ministers appointed to cabinet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the same road, but many have crossed paths. Here’s how.

None of the 30 ministers appointed to cabinet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the same path to Rideau Hall on Nov. 4. One first ran for office more than 40 years ago; others weren’t even born way back then. Some have served in cabinet before; others are brand-new to politics. But they’re all connected in one way or another, even if those relationships tend toward the quirky.

We divided the 31-member ministry into three groups: the rookies, the rebuilders and the old guard. Check out our definitions for each cluster, then explore the graphic to see how they’re all connected.

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The rookies​: Justin Trudeau might say this group personifies the so-called “real change” he promised on the campaign trail. Some have served in provincial and territorial legislatures or on city councils, but they’re all new to Parliament—and some are new to politics entirely. Their average age is 48.

The rebuilders​: These ministers hitched their wagons to the Liberal party during its gradual decline into parliamentary embarrassment. The party’s share of votes plummeted between 2004 and 2011, but that’s when these folks—including the Prime Minister—first ran for office. Their average age is 51.

The old guard​: Think of these ministers as cabinet’s bedrock. They sat on government benches when Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin ruled the land, slogged through nine years in opposition, survived their party’s humiliation in 2011, and rode Justin Trudeau’s momentum back to cabinet. Their average age is 60.

HOW TO USE THE GRAPHIC: Hover over the boxes around each minister for more information on how they relate to others in cabinet. If you’re on a mobile device, tap the boxes around each minister for more information.

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