Charles Krauthammer is making a lot of sense

Now there’s a sentence I don’t often write. See for yourself. He puts the AIG bonuses into perspective – far too late, one suspects – and finds Congress still jerking its knee on protectionism.

UPDATE: On a different order of significance, Peggy Noonan is worried too. Yes, she worked for Republican presidents and she’s writing at the unreformed Wall Street Journal editorial pages, but she has been an admirer of this president and I think she’s on to something. The AIG bonuses aren’t the economy, they’re not even the banking system, and until the banking system is fixed I believe there are limits to the luxury of multi-tasking.

Le Figaro had an item yesterday about Jacques Chirac receiving a letter from Barack Obama. That would be Jacques Chirac, retired former  president of France, the very definition of yesterday’s man. Maybe whoever drafted that letter for the president’s signature could head over to Treasury, because apparently Tim Geithner could use some help.

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