Clearly applying the broadest possible definition of "support..."

..the Michael Ignatieff campaign has just sent me an email thanking me for my support and continuing in this not-entirely-surprising vein:

Your past support and belief in my efforts has meant a great deal to me. That is why I would like you to be among the first to know that tomorrow I will announce my candidacy for the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Together we can put our Party and our country back on the right path. We need to unite Liberals and Canadians from coast to coast to coast. We need to prove to them that Liberals have the right vision and the right plan to make Canada a more prosperous and compassionate country.

To do this, we need to listen to each and every Liberal. Indeed, we need to listen to each and every Canadian. We must let everyone know that this campaign is really more about them than it is about me.

I am running because we deserve a Canada that provides more opportunities for each and every citizen. I am running because we need a more open, democratic, inclusive and efficient Liberal Party. I am certain that if we remain true to ourselves and work together, we can win.

Tous ensemble, riding by riding, person by person, we can renew our Party and bring Canada back.


Michael Ignatieff

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