Coyne v Wells, cruel and unusual version

In which I attempt to play devil’s advocate on the question of whether to prosecute individuals accused of torture under the Bush administration, and get slapped around fairly effortlessly by friend Wells.

UPDATE: This Washington Post editorial, though rather better expressed, comes closest to my own position. This Montreal Gazette editorial is firmer against prosecution.

UPPERDATE: Some other noteable recent contributions to the debate:

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Damon Linker (The New Republic) – Thinking About Torture

Jeff Jacoby – A tortured debate over the ‘torture memos’

Marc A. Thiessen – Enhanced Interrogations Worked

Stuart Taylor Jr. – National Journal – Did Torture Save Lives?

The OLC “Torture Memos”: Thoughts from a dissenter By Philip Zelikow

Ali Soufan – My Tortured Decision – NYTimes

Cheney vs. Obama

Who’s Politicizing Intelligence Now?

Porter J. Goss – Security Before Politics

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden on Obama Releasing the Interrogation Memos

Obama muddles torture message –

Obama’s Growing Dilemma on Torture Prosecution

‘Truth Commission’ hurdles remain – Josh Gerstein –

Obama and the CIA –

Con Coughlin – Obama must beware of playing party politics with security

Lanny Davis – The Torture Memos: Obama, Holder Strike The Right Balance

Chris Smith: Why Obama’s Right on Torture — Daily Intel — New York

Democratic complicity and what “politicizing justice” really means – Glenn Greenwald –

Paul Krugman – Reclaiming America’s Soul

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