UPDATED: CPC ConventionWatch 2008: And the winners (and losers) are …

The complete (as of Friday night, anyway) list of resolutions to be voted on at tomorrow’s plenary sessions, via Dimitri Soudas (but annotated by ITQ, which is probably evident from some of the descriptions):

The complete (as of Friday night, anyway) list of resolutions to be voted on at tomorrow’s plenary sessions, via Dimitri Soudas (but annotated by ITQ, which is probably evident from some of the descriptions):

Advancing Constitution Resolutions

(Full package available in PDF here on Conservative Party of Canada website)

C-102 – personal payment of membership
C-103 – 60 day waiting period
C-104 – compulsory identification
C-105 – persons required to be  a member (leader, national coujncil members, etc)
C-110 – regional elections to National Council
C-111 – lobbyists can’t be members of National Council
C-112 – National Council elections (preferential ballot)
C-113 – filling vacancies on national council
C-115 –  (not in package – possibly a numbering error, could be resolution on Conservative Fund Canada)
C-116 – leadership voting – post and fax ballots (latter not allowed)

Advancing Policy Resolutions

(All three packages available here courtesy of National Newswatch.)

FP-106 – looking at ways to deliver health care through public and private system
P-110 – workers at risk of exposure to infectious disease

P-113 – “three strikes clause” – would require crown to seek dangerous offender status for anyone convicted of three separate violent or sexual offences (or “serious” drug trafficking)
P-114 – removal of the faint hope clause
P-119 – human trafficking
P-202 – reaffirm support for the Charter, including the notwithstanding clause
P-203 – stripping CHRC of the power to investigate complaints under Section 13 (hate speech)
P-207 – legislation to make assault causing harm to fetus a separate crime
P-213 – removal of support for full gender equality, also equal pay for equal work
P-222 – support for temporary workers
P-223 – audit of aboriginal programs
P-301 – creation of national securities regulator
P-303 – capital gains reinvestment
P-305 – income splitting for families with children
P-306 – Simplify the tax code
P-308 – anti-union/right to work/support for workers who don’t want to take part in a strike
P-321 – support for agricultural sector
P-101 – study and address climate change in the north
P-104 – energy from garbage
P-105 – offshore oil and resource exploration (drill baby drill)
P-111 – complementary health care to be covered under Canada Health Act
P-122 – public awareness and memorials for veterans
P-205 – arctic sovereignty
P-208 – student loans
P-209 – EI for summer students
P-307- innovation and research
P-311 – Arctic research
P-312 – long term energy choices
P-316 – rural family business

UPDATE: Because ITQ is nothing if not obsessively thorough, here are some of the resolutions that were passed by the respective workshops, but will not go forward to the plenary session.

From the social and democratic policy workshop:

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: The ADQesque reasonable accommodation totally non-controversial diversity principle resolution will go forward after all!

P-218 – Diversity Principles
The Conservative Party believes that Canada’s multicultural society is a valued reality and accepts the need to foster understanding and equality of opportunity, while
promoting common values across Canada expecting Canadians to adopt Canadian common values such as equality, democracy, and the rule of law.

P-219 – Amateur Sport
The Conservative Party recognizes the value of promoting amateur sport as a means of building legacy and heritage in local communities, and as a means of serving future generations of athletes. International success in sport projects like the Olympics and Paralympics also creates a positive view of Canada and of the success of Canadian society. We will help develop tax incentives to support and increase participation in local and top-tier international sporting events. An investment in amateur sport is an investment in future Canadian leaders and builds Canadian representatives around the world.

P-220 – Amateur Sport
The Conservative Party believes amateur sport and physical recreation assist in developing good health and well-being in Canadians of all ages. Participation in such activities is encouraged in schools, institutions of further and higher education and sports organizations, thus reducing healthcare costs. The Conservative Party supports tax incentives to encourage participation in local and top-tier international sporting events and providing funding for national sports centers in
partnership with provinces and territories.

From the economic policy workshop:

P-310 Intellectual Property – Patent Legislation

34. The Conservative Party will create a process to allow the patent holder to restore time lost on 20 year patent protection due to delays in government approvals. [From current policy declaration]

Delete all.

(I don’t yet have a list of the resolutions that were passed at the health and safety workshop, but when I get my hands on one, I’ll update this post to include the ones that didn’t make it to the final agenda.)