Dave Batters steps aside: We’ll keep a light on for you ...

Well, it still sucks, but at least it seems like things are slowly but surely getting better. I can’t help thinking Ottawa hasn’t seen the last of Dave Batters:

It is with deep regret that I have informed Prime Minister Stephen Harper of my decision not to seek re-election as the Member of Parliament for Palliser.
I have been ill for the past few months, dealing with anxiety and depression.  As well, I overcame a dependency on certain prescribed medications (benzodiazepines).  I make this very personal disclosure with the hope that others who suffer from these conditions will seek the assistance they need.  There is still a stigma attached to such illnesses and I want to make sure people realize these are conditions that can strike anyone and need to be treated.
I am pleased to report that my health continues to improve.  The support my family and I have received this summer has been incredible.  Though this has been a very trying time for us, your prayers and good wishes have greatly assisted me in reaching a healthier place in my life.

(Full statement is available on his website.)