Disaster? The Titanic was a disaster...

Don’t know if I can add that much to Nancy Macdonald’s harrowing account of last night’s ordeal (or see Liberal insider Rob Silver’s eloquent moan of pain), except to say that it didn’t end after Dion. There were five more speakers after the four party leaders. As the hour grew later and later, they spoke to smaller and smaller audiences, until poor Louise Arbour was left to address, at a guess. the party leaders and their retinues. I say at a guess: I tried, believe me I tried, to stay till the end, but by then it was well past 1 am, Toronto time. All I can say is I stayed longer than 95% of the delegates, and 100% of the media.

What a fiasco. The Grits have a star potential candidate of Louise Arbour’s stature, they have a chance to put her in the shop window, and probably not more than 200 people in the country heard her speak.