Don’t touch that ... button! - A question for Tivo/Tifauxheads ...

… and I’m one myself (thanks, Rogers!), so I know what my answer will be, but I’m curious as to whether I’m in the minority …

Do you still watch live TV, or do you pretty much record everything at this point – other than news or sports, that is? Or do you compromise, and watch live, but strategically delayed just enough that you can still blitz through most commercials, because you’ve heard that ING guy order you to “Save. Your. Money” approximately eighteen batrillion times, and you’re fully apprised on the many benefits of alpaca farming?

Okay, so those of you answered yes to the above: What about when the election gets underway?

Will you blip through the soft-focus footage of gleeful Green Shift-intoxicated Liberals clapping for the leader? What about the softer, sweater-wearing side of Stephen Harper? Or Jack Layton, or the Greens, or — yeah, that’s kind of what I’m wondering.   Has anyone looked at the Tivofication of television, and whether it’s still the most effective medium for political advertising, since it no longer guarantees a captive audience? I’m not sure if all the YouTube hits, website embeds, or even freebie ‘earned media’ on Mike Duffy and Don Newman’s shows in the world can make up for viewers lost to the >>>. Maybe it really does make more sense to buy radio ads – which are cheaper, and largely unskippable, at least at the moment.

Thoughts? Insight? Anything?