UPDATED! EKOS: Tories up by (nearly) 3 percent! Libs down by 2! Other parties … stay pretty much where they were last week!

This week’s scoreboard:

Conservatives: 34.9 (+2.4)

Liberals: 31.9 (-0.6) (-2.2)

NDP: 13.8 (-0.7)

Bloc Quebecois: 8.6 (-)

Greens: 10.8 (+0.4)

This week’s poll also looked at attitudes towards crime (we’re against it, and we’re convinced it’s going up, but are somewhat split on what to do about it) and the recession (we’re still in it, but at least it’s a mild one).

UPDATE: Colleague Wells debunks the notion that Quebeckers are a bunch of criminal-coddling hippies, and suggests that the Conservatives may be on the right track with their latest terrifying ten-percenter campaign. Using raw data! Oh, raw data. Is there anything you can’t do?

Much more excitingly, at least as far as ITQ is concerned: An in-depth investigation that consisted of actually clicking on a link over at has revealed that Ekos has been holding out on us! It turns out that the raw data for every one of their weekly polls this week’s poll is available to us, the non-paying, parasitic public — pages and pages of it, in fact, including current intention vs. 2008 vote, even more extensive regional breakdowns and — yes, ITQ is still pinching herself with joyful disbelief over this one– the day-by-day results.

Which, incidentally, reveal, among other fascinating tidbits, that people really, really, really seem to go crazy for Conservatives when coming out of a long weekend, especially in Ottawa.  Oh, and  remember how all those progressive-minded Liberals were going to flee in droves due to Ignatieff’s right-leaning tendencies, and show up on the NDP’s doorstep, all wet and bedraggled and lovelornedly adorable like John Cusack in pretty much every movie he’s ever made? Turns out that’s not really happening — at least, not so far, according to last week’s numbers. No, ITQ can’t explain it either, but would love to hear any and all theories on why that seems to be the case — at least, according to the EKOSverse.

Anyway, here’s the unedited, unexpurgated collector’s edition PDF of all the latest findings — the party preference stuff starts on page 25, and just keeps on going. Go forth and savour! Share and enjoy!

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