Elections Canada returns: Battle of the Party Bagmen (Q1 2009)

A  quick and dirty rundown on the first three months of  fundraising by registered political parties, based the latest financial returns filed with Elections Canada:

  • When it comes to charming supporters into parting with their hard-earned cash, the Conservatives are still the reigning champions, albeit down slightly from the same period last year — about a half a million dollars less from approximately 5,000 fewer donors. They still managed to haul in well over $4 million.
  • The Liberals, meanwhile, did manage to more than double the party’s take from its first quarter results under Stephane Dion, and have also added several thousand new names to the donor list -10,169 to 15,230 – raking in a grand total of $1,831,843.33.
  • NDP — Yikes. Less than half of what they got during the same period last year — $595,611.16 compared to $1,119,647.67 last year – from markedly fewer contributors:13,329 in 2008 vs. 10,304 this year.
  • Bloc Quebecois — Okay, forget that CROP poll for a second; maybe Gilles Duceppe really shouldn’t be all that worried by the Iggernaut. Anyone have a good explanation for why the BQ nearly quadrupled its donations, as well as the number of donors?

UPDATE: It’s probably worth noting that, for both the Conservatives and the Liberals, when you compare these numbers to the last quarter of 2008, both parties have gone down. Although even given that, I think — WARNING!  ITQ about to attempt to perform mathematical calculations in her head! — that the relative decline in both dollars and donors was steeper for the Conservatives. The NDP’s numbers, however, seem even bleaker under that comparison.

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