Elizabeth May is throwing a mass confusion party, and all of her candidates are invited!

Strategic voting is a no-no, says the leader of a party running without Liberal opposition — while in Quebec, two of her candidates promise they will offer no opposition to the Liberal:

Still, it wasn’t all bad news for Dion, as two Green Party hopefuls in Quebec threw their support behind the Liberals. Danielle Moreau, a candidate the riding of Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher, even quit the race and backed Liberal rival Ryan Hillier.

“We must be realistic,” said Moreau. “What I want is that Harper is out.”

It is appealingly federalist, if perhaps not entirely realistic, to endorse the Liberal in a riding where the Liberal won less than 13% of the vote in 2006.

So to recap: With four days to go before the election, May is trapped in Central Nova while her party acts out her policy on vote-splitting. (What policy?) (Preeee-cisely.) Hijinx are duly ensuing.

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