UPDATED: Feel the McCallumania!

Well, if CTV is right, I guess we know what issue will top the Liberals’ QP to-do list when the House gets back to business later this fall – that is, the ones not totally preoccupied by the leadership race. (ITQ, by the way, is predicting November 17th as the date for the Speech from the Throne.)

Probably best to leave Ralph Goodale as House Leader, all things considered.

UPDATE: Then again, not everyone seems to be ready to move on to the post-Dion era – not without a fight. Or, this being Canada and all, a peaceful, yet resolute rally on the front lawn of Stornoway. There’s even a Facebook group for “grassroots Liberal members who are opposed to Stéphane Dion’s removal as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada”, which also welcomes “Greens, NDPers, Conservatives, and any other Canadians who respect and admire Mr. Dion and want to continue hearing his voice in our political discourse”.

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