France: Land of Conrad Black’s dreams

“And there is something Canada can do, which would be noticed by our allies: We should recognize the provisional government of Libya as legitimate, and make contact with it. This could have a catalytic effect, inspirit the rebels, nudge the Americans and Europeans into doing something, and generally start a rockslide around Gaddafi…. A gangster and terrorist regime is slaughtering its own population, which is fighting back gallantly. We owe them our support, and every day’s delay is shameful and could make a benign outcome more doubtful.

“For once, Canada could make a difference and be seen by the world to do so. There is no excuse for waiting.”

— Conrad Black, Saturday


“PARIS — Moving ahead of its allies, France said on Thursday that it would become the first country to recognize Libya’s rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi and would soon exchange ambassadors with the insurgents.”

— New York Times, this morning

Sorry, boss. Waiting is all Canada does any more.

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