Friesenmania in Winnipeg!

Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but  I have to think that convincing the up-until-yesterday president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture – who was publicly critical of the Green Shift just a few days ago – to run for the Liberals is going to make it a teensy bit trickier for Jason Kenney – who will apparently be acting as the human incarnation of Oily the Splot during the upcoming campaign – to stick to his original script, at least as far as Stephane Dion’s sinister anti-farmer agenda.

Now all the Liberals need is a hockey-playing, Tim Horton’s franchise-owning fisherman from Prince Edward Island, and it’s on.

UPDATE: Still no official release, but the Winnipeg Sun is on the job. I just realized that Friesen will be up against Steven Fletcher, which could make for a very interesting race.

UPPITYDATER: The official release is up. Also, as per Canadian Press, he’s sold his farm(s) and plans to move to the riding he’s hoping to represent, which is always a pleasing show of optimism in a candidate.