Gilles Duceppe: Uh, nope

The former Bloc Québécois leader was, oddly, seen in some quarters to be the best bet to replace Pauline Marois as Parti Québécois leader. Nobody ever really explained why losing all but 2 oops, 4 of his party’s federal seats made him a sure winner provincially, but nonetheless there was a lot of speculation that a coup was imminent.

Then yesterday La Presse reported that Duceppe spent 7 years paying his party’s director-general from a taxpayer-funded budget envelope reserved for parliamentary staff.

Today Duceppe announced he’s going to work full-time clearing his reputation and has no time for politics.

I feel a bit bad that I didn’t tell you about all of this last week, when it was still possible to wring a little suspense out of the whole situation. Now it’s too late, and all I can tell you is you didn’t miss much.


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