GiornoWatch Extra: Calling all obsessives ...

As previously noted elsewhere on the site, ITQ is taking today off to get ready for next week’s Ethics committee spectacular, which means no GiornoWatch until Monday. Unless, of course, something actually happens, which is where the rest of you come into the picture.

As usual, feel free to use the comment thread to speculate wildly. But please drop us a line by email if, by chance, you should happen to be on a patio this afternoon and overhear the familiar voice of a Harper high-flyer buying a round of drinks to celebrate his – or her – (but probably his) promotion, or spot a “Welcome to PMO, [Insert Name Here]” banner fluttering from a window — or, on a sadder note, run into a former member of the inner circle wandering dazedly down Sparks Street, a cardboard box full of pens and pencils, papers and framed photos of himself – or herself – next to the Prime Minister clutched close to the heart … (or, more likely, if, like ITQ, you find yourself checking for updates on GEDS more often than could strictly be considered healthy) … anyway, yeah. “Crowdsourcing” – that’s what the kids are calling it these days, I believe. Although in this case, it’s not so much a crowd as a tiny but devoted band of Giornologists. In any case, should any of the above occur, let me know and I’ll post it posthaste, off the clock or not.

Otherwise, have a divine weekend, everyone!

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