GiornoWatch: So this is how the world ends / not with a bang but a GEDS edit.

A moment of respectful silence, then, for the once (and, let’s not kid ourselves here, most likely someone’s future) Dark Lord of Nanodemographia, Patrick Muttart,  now just another Deputy Chief of Staff, relegated to the GEDSpocrypha without even a capital-O Office or Organization to call his own.

In other, vaguely GiornoWatch-related news, the much dreaded GEDS redesign seems to have gone live during our absence. So far, they seem to have fixed some of the more horrifying “improvements” that threw ITQ into a panic when it first surfaced earlier this year, but she is still somewhat perturbed by the new 325 entry limit on results from dragnet searches.  So far, there are no other major changes to the landscape of Langevin to report – or so an initial scan would suggest – but don’t you worry: GiornoWatch will be extra-ever-vigilant over the next few days, just in case they pick Good Friday to fill that Strategy-shaped hole in the org chart with a brand new division.

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