Happy one year anniversary, 40th Parliament of Canada!

I know, it seems like so much longer, doesn’t it?

ITQ is just disappointed that the prime minister doesn’t seem to be planning to mark the occasion this time around, which is a break from tradition, at least as far as celebrating the anniversary of his first electoral victory. (ITQ’s live-ish blog of the 2007 festivities are, alas, lost somewhere in the pixelverse, but here’s her report from 2008.)

According to his official schedule for today, he’s just toodling around Alberta, posing for the cameras here, chatting with Edmontonian businessmen there. He seems to have some sort of announcement later this afternoon in Wabuman, but at the moment, there appear to be no plans for a grand ‘One Year Ago Today …’  speech, or even a closed-to-media-but-we’ll-tell-you-about-it-anyway party. Maybe he’s going to wait until he’s back in Ottawa next week, so he can buy a round for the Little Shop veterans who so successfully crushed Stephane Dion’s shifty green dreams of victory.

Anyway, congratulations, class of 2008! ITQ hopes you’ve enjoyed the last year of political antics and intrigue as much as she has. You haven’t always managed to Make Parliament Work, but you’ve definitely kept it interesting, which is really all that a Hill reporter can ask.

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