"He’s hiding!" "Who said that?" "The guy crouching in the flower pot, I guess"

Conservative war room malarkeygram of the day:


During the French language debate Stéphane Dion barely mentioned his signature policy — the Green Shift carbon tax.

Blah blah blah blah not a leader blah not worth the risk blah blahzzzzzzzsnarf

Now here’s the thing. I picked up a copy of the Liberal platform the other day, and the Green Shift was the entire first chapter of that document, which you can get online if you’re that rare soul who is unable to find election material during a campaign. Now, if I’m trying to bury a policy, I almost never make it Chapter 1 of my policy book. Because that almost never works.

Then I picked up a copy of Stephen Harper’s Leadership Matters Family Is Everything Look I Know How to Hold a Cello platform and….psyyyyyyyych. There is no Conservative platform. The guy who wanted the debate stretched out so we could discuss the economy won’t tell us what his economic policy for the next Parliament is.

What’s the problem? Staff cutbacks in John Howard’s office since he got turfed from power?