Hey, Inkless, how does independence ensure the integrity of the Transportation Safety Board?

I’m so glad you asked. From their website:

“To instill confidence in the public regarding the transportation accident investigation process, it is essential that an investigating agency be independent and free from any conflicts of interest when investigating accidents, identifying safety deficiencies, and making safety recommendations. As such, the TSB is an independent agency, separate from other government agencies and departments, that reports to Parliament through the President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada. Our independence enables us to be fully objective in making findings as to causes and contributing factors, and in making transportation safety recommendations.”

Q: Would that be the same President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada whose Chief of Staff urged that a report be held off because an election was looming? A request that came from the PMO? A request that the TSB’s comms director anticipated and sought?

A: Yup.

Q: Sounds, on the face of it, like a rather troubled operation. Who’s in charge over there, anyway?

A: Well, here’s the board. It’s worth pointing out that most of them are holdovers from the previous Liberal government.

Q: Does that let them off the hook for this deeply creepy delay in releasing a report?

A: Nope.

Q: What’s their usual process for releasing a report?

A: Well, on the website it’s described thusly.The board clears every report, which is then released “as quickly as possible.”

Q: Given today’s news, do you believe a word of that?

A: Nope.

Q: Who needs to explain the delay in the release of the Gainey report to the Canadian people within the next several days, or maybe simply resign in disgrace?

A: That would be the board again.

Q: Should all inquiries in this matter be directed to communications director Airin Masson?

A: No. I’m afraid that won’t do, for obvious reasons.

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