Hey look: Harper’s hidden-in-plain-sight agenda

From the magazine, and posted here a little ahead of its newsstand début, my latest column. Not as long as my campaign articles often are, but I hope it says something significant. If you add up all of the Conservatives’ plans, you get a federal government that will play an ever-dwindling role in the life of the nation. I think this election is about Harper finally making his big fiscal-conservative play. A lot of voters will think this is excellent. A lot would disagree. But it’s a great big debate we could be having if we were not distracted by small potatoes, and it’s a big decision we will make whether we have the debate or not.

Blogging, as many readers have noted in the comments, has been sporadic and will pick up only a little between now and the election. Sorry in advance: I’m distracted by a big assignment.