UPDATED: Hey!LookOverThereWatch: Maybe next time, they’ll have an Ignatieff puppet!

She’d have to check her voluminous gallery listserv archives to be absolutely certain, but ITQ is fairly sure that this is the first time the NDP has ever convened a press conference to demand answers from the leader of one of the other opposition parties:


Mr. Ignatieff, it’s time to come clean on HST

OTTAWA- Forty-eight hours ago Michael Ignatieff’s position on tax harmonization was contradicted by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Since then Mr. Ignatieff has refused all media requests on the issue, leaving his ever-changing stance on this tax grab up in the air.

Today, NDP MPs Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) and Don Davies (Vancouver-Kingsway) will hold a press conference to seek clarification on the issue.


Meanwhile, in the House of Commons right this minute, the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois are attempting to convince the other two parties to support a motion to fast track the employment insurance bill so it can be sent to committee immediately, and passed at all stages a few days later. Oddly, neither the government nor the NDP seems terribly keen on the idea. ITQ can’t imagine why they suddenly seem so uninterested in, well, making parliament work.

UPDATE For the truly parliamentary-details-obsessed amongst y’all, here is the text of the motion proposed by Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale:

That for the purposes of our consideration of Bill C-50, an act to amend the Employment Insurance Act, which will begin in government orders today, the House agrees to conclude its consideration of this bill at all stages by the normal time of adjournment tomorrow, including examination of the bill in the committee of the whole instead of a standing committee, if that is necessary to meet this timetable.

When he failed to get unanimous consent, the Bloc’s Pierre Paquette moved a similar motion, which would have sent the bill to committee immediately:

Que nonobstant tout article du Règlement ou usage habituel de la Chambre, le projet de loi C-50, Loi modifiant la Loi sur l’assurance-emploi et augmentant les prestations, soit réputé renvoyer immédiatement au Comité permanent des ressources humaines, du développement des compétences, du développement social et de la condition des personnes handicapées conformément à l’article 73(1) du Règlement.