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Fun question: What does “effectively tearing up your party card” look like?


“Mr. Mulroney is mystified by this attack,” spokesman Robin Sears said Tuesday night. “It is a complete fabrication. If the person making the claim has the courage to go public, Mr. Mulroney will deal with them.”

(As if on cue — pw:) Senator Marjory LeBreton, the government Senate Leader and a former aide and confidante of Mr. Mulroney, said he did ask to have his name removed from party lists: “My understanding is that he personally called a high-ranking person in the party and asked that his name be removed from all party lists.”


Senior Conservatives contacted reporters yesterday to tell them Mulroney had effectively torn up his party card.

“I can confirm he is no longer a member,” one said.

(Fun question: What the hell does “effectively tearing up your party card” look like?)


“He’s part of the history of this party, you can’t rewrite history. If they’re worried about branding, then shut the inquiry down. They’re the ones who called the inquiry.

Memory lane:

He welcomed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to cut to the chase and call a public inquiry – a move which came just one day after Mulroney himself called on Harper to do just that.

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