Hot off the presses, it's that budget progress report we've been so eagerly anticipating!

The full report doesn’t seem to be up  yet, but here’s the executive summary.

Also, you can’t tell from the online version, but the hard copy has exactly the same cover graphic as the budget, which is either a nice bit of continuity, or a tragically missed opportunity to provide some much needed stimulus to the stock photography industry. You be the judge. Oh, and no sign of that spreadsheet provided by the always helpful Parliamentary Budget Office last month. Maybe next time, guys.

Oh, and one more thing: Does it seem weird to anyone else that the PM would deliver an ostensibly “major” speech on the economy just a few hours before his government tabled a similarly ostensibly major progress report? You’d think that at the very least, they’d be worried that one would bury the other, although I’m not sure which would be the more likely victim. Probably the progress report, since it doesn’t have visuals.

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